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About CSR2

Welcome to the [CSR]2 Review. We've launched the Review to serve people of faith. Our mission is to provide people of faith with tools for implementing their values as consumers, investors, employees, employers, and citizens.

Corporate social responsibility issues are difficult to grapple with politically, economically, culturally, and theologically. Different people from the same congregation will often disagree on how best to approach a controversial issue. Often, discussion is a way for all of us to increase our understanding of the issues and of our own values. In the Review, our goal is to present information and ask questions that will promote meaningful discussion among people of faith and to provide everyone, whatever their opinions, with some ideas about how to act on their values.

We know that individuals and congregations don't have large research budgets like institutional investors do. We also know that people are trying to address these important issues with limited time. Each edition of the Review will cover a variety of topics, including one feature article that provides comparative information on a number of companies. The feature article may be about a specific industry or about a specific issue area. The Review will pose questions, provide explanatory notes, point to additional resources, and suggest ways to express your values through action. Your feedback will be critical for the Review to evolve with your needs and interests. We are interested in your feedback, so please see the "Contact Us" page to send us your thoughts.

The Review's Editor

The Rev. Ann C. Bateman is our Managing Editor.  Ann's background includes a graduate degree in values, and experience in Christian Education, social concerns of faith communities, congregational outreach to the community, curriculum development, and congregational mediation.  "I was ordained to bridge the worlds of worship and work.  The Review is an opportunity for me to introduce that bridge in a new way to each congregation that uses the Review,"  Ann observed as she took on the responsibilities of Managing Editor.

The Review's Publisher

The Review's publisher and founder is Mark E. Bateman.  Mark has more than fourteen years of experience working on corporate responsibility issues. Since late 2005, Mark Bateman has been Director of Research for IW Financial, a firm providing research solutions to investors working to incorporate environmental, social, and governance information into investment decisions.  (CSR2 is an independent firm not affiliated with IW Financial.)  From 1993 to 2004, Mark worked for the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) supporting some of the world's largest institutional investors.  He capped his tenure there as the Vice President for Research and Operations. His previous positions at IRRC included Director of the Environmental Information Service, Research Analyst, where he analyzed corporate military and political issues, and Product Development Analyst where he was deeply involved in IRRC's proxy voting services. From 1999 through 2002, Mark was involved in the start-up of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI is an effort to establish sustainability reporting criteria for all organizations, including corporations. Before working for IRRC, Mark worked for the Washington Office of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and for Senator Mark O. Hatfield (Oregon).  Mark is an active United Methodist and has served on local congregation and Annual Confernce committees and boards, including a stint as chair of a local finance committee and member of an endowment committee.

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